dinsdag 5 maart 2019 om 19:15 uur
Belle van Zuylen Zaal, Academiegebouw, Domplein, Utrecht
gepubliceerd op 14 februari 2019
Publiekslezing UCEMS door Amanda Pipkin

Op dinsdagavond 5 maart aanstaande organiseert de Utrecht Centre for Early Modern Studies (UCEMS) haar jaarlijkse publiekslezing. Deze lezing wordt uitgesproken door Amanda Pipkin in het Engels. Zij heeft haar lezing de volgende titel meegegeven: Studious mothers and nurturing fathers: articulating middle-class, reformed identity in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English and Dutch domestic advice.


Uit de aankondiging:


There is no question that the sixteenth-century reformations transformed men’s and women’s religious opportunities and obligations across Europe. This is particularly evident in the domestic advice published in catechisms, emblems, instruction manuals, and devotional guides from 1529 to 1679 in German, Dutch, and English. The authors of these books, who were often middle-class ministers, took a very lively interest in inspiring household members to help raise Christian children and to participate in domestic worship services. Their advice often urged parents to provide religious instruction to their children and expected a wife to assist the family patriarch in his home ministry by leading group prayers and running domestic worship when he was unable to do so, thus providing some women with the tools to make more concrete religious contributions. This presentation will examine the international spread of domestic advice in response to religious persecution, trade, and voluntary travel, compare authors’ instructions to parents, and to identify religious opportunities for women.



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